About Us PT. Megah Medika Pharma

About Us

PT. Megah Medika Pharma is a national importer and distributor company that focuses on the sale and promotion of medical devices for Hospital needs.

PT.Megah Medika Pharma was established on July 15, 2002 by Sales & Marketing practitioners who have more than 20 years of experience and integrity in the field of Hospital medical devices.

Starting with only 5 branches, until now PT. Megah Medika Pharma has 22 branches spread throughout Indonesia. We have a target for increasing branches every year to be evenly distributed throughout Indonesia.


As a trusted distributor in the field of high quality medical devices registered at Kementrian Kesehatan RI, to meet the needs of government hospitals and private hospitals, Health Office and Health agencies in Indonesia


  • Continuous product quality improvement (In Touch with Innovative Products).
  • Have a distribution network throughout Indonesia with excellent service (Committed to Serve Better).
  • Creating creative managerial and quality human resources (Smart Management).