Product Definition:

Polyflow set is a set of infusion devices used for administering large volumes of fluid (100-1000 ml) to patients, with additional regulators that can be adjusted to regulate flow velocity.


Product Features and Benefits:

  • Droplet settings are integrated in the infusion set to adjust the flow more precisely
  • Work based on gravity
  • There is a clamp to stop droplets
  • Soft and flexible PVC hoses ensure stable droplets
  • Packed in heat-resistant materials
  • All IV infusion sets are made with DEHP-free ingredients
  • Equipped with a trol set to adjust droplets
  • There is an option for Y-Type Injection Site & not with Y-type Injection Site


Product Specifications:

  • Standard infusion hose length: 150 cm
  • Hose diameter: 1 Ø 3.0 mm, 0 Ø 4.1 mm
  • Made of Acrylic Butabuena Spirine (chamber)